Bash Bunny update firmware

Bash Bunny update firmware

First you have to download the bash bunny updater executable:

Don’t forget to verify the checksum :

For windows, I used this software : .
Or you can use powershell :

$hash="copy the SHA256 Checksum here"
Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256 -file bunnyupdater.exe
if ($hash -eq $hash_to_verify){Write-Output "checksum correct"}else {Write-Output "error checksum"}

Plug your Bash Bunny to your computer in arming mode. As a reminder :

Extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file to the root of the Bash Bunny’s flash storage and run the bunnyupdater.exe

Choose 0 and press enter. It takes a few minutes to download.

Once the download is finished eject an d plug the bash bunny anew . The bash bunny is blinking alternating red and blue during the firmware flashing (do not unplug during). Once the operation finished, the bash bunny is blinking blue and you can see the partition mounted anew.
The firmware has been updated.

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