Author: Darren

XMPP, alternative to WhatAPP, Signal, Telegram

XMPP, Extensible Messaging and presence Protocol (originally named Jabber), is a set of standart and open protocols for instant messaging and presence information. This protocol also enables the decentralized and real-time exchange of multimedia content such as file sharing, IP telephony or video conferencing.Therefore XMPP is not an application strictly speaking, but a set of […]

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Crowdsec Nginx Bouncer

We have seen previously how to install Crowdsec on a Raspberry PI. Now we are going to see how to install the bouncer for Nginx. For this installation we use a container Debian 10 with Nginx 1.14.2.We are beginning by Crowdsec installation. Crowdsec installation Bouncer Nginx Installation The script install missing dependencies : We can […]

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Bash Bunny update firmware

First you have to download the bash bunny updater executable: Don’t forget to verify the checksum : For windows, I used this software : . Or you can use powershell : Plug your Bash Bunny to your computer in arming mode. As a reminder : Extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file […]

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